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  Process Capabilities
  Process Capabilities
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*        ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm; ANSI/ASQ Q9001:2008 Compliant


*        Workmanship to IPC-A-610 - Class II & Class III


*        PCBA, Cable and Mechanical Assembly; Programming, Test & Debug: Box Build & Calibration


*        Concept, Prototype, NPI, & “On-Shore” Product Configurations


*        Consignment, Bulk Consignment, Partial Turn Key, and Full Turn Key Manufacturing Models


*        Logistics and Materials Management -  Purchasing, Cost Reduction, Distribution Fulfillment


*        Surface Mount Assembly

o    Leaded & Lead-Free Alloys (Sn63/Pb37 and SAC 305 Standard) in both No-Clean & Water Soluble Flux Packages

o    Single/double sided solder paste and/or epoxy process – single or combined process

o    Intrusive as well as standard SMT Processes

o    Thermal curing and conditioning process profiles

o    Maximum Placements per hour ~ 171,000

o    Maximum PCB Size – 21.5” X 23.5”

o    Component Size - 0201 & up

o    POP (Package-on-Package Process); Pre-stacked POP down at 0.4m

o    BGAs to 0.4mm(16mil) pitch production ; CSPs 0.25mm(10 mils) pitch proto

o    Material Handling -Bulk, Strip, Reel, Stick, Trays and Gel/Waffle packs


*        Thru Hole Assembly, Touch Up and Second Operations

o    Water-Soluble and No-Clean soldering fluxes

o    Sn63/Pb37 Wave Soldering - Maximum PCB width ~ 15.5”

o    SAC 305 and Sn63/Pb37 Selective and Hand Soldering

o    Standard and “on-BGA” rework


*        BGA Rework and Processing

o    Moisture Conditioning Bake and Vacuum Sealing

o    Leaded and Lead-free BGA Removal, Site Prep and/or Replacement

o    Leaded and Lead-free BGA Re-balling

o    Leaded and Lead-free BGA Repair and Package Modification (subject to requirements)

o    POP Removal / Replacement / Reball - Developing Process for Top Part Replacement Only


*        Inspection and Test

o    AOI and Microscope Inspection

o    Flying Head Probe

o    Test and Calibration labor for Customer Supplied Test Systems

o    Test Modifications and Improvements for Customer Supplied Test System

o    PCA Tester Design and Test Methodology development


*        Engineering Process Support

o    DFM Analysis and component/assembly defect/failure RCA

o    Lead-Free, Sn63/Pb37 and other alloy Soldering Process Development

o    Assembly Process Development - Design, Mechanical Assembly and Cleaning Methods

o    X-Ray (Planar 5 micron resolution) for BGA Inspection & PCB/PCA Defect Analysis

o    Power–on, Hot-Cold Temp Cycling Environmental Chamber


*        PCBA Design and Layout

o    Custom footprint, pad stack and library creation

o    Full PCB layout from concept to fabrication

o    Auto-routing and manual routing

o    ECO layout and incorporation




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