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Post Date : 10-05-15 05:58
What are the steps in the PCB Assembly process, in simple terms?
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• A Program Manager is assigned to act as a single source point of contact to the customer.
• We perform a Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis of all your data.  This will verify that the Gerbers, BOM, and centroid data are all correct so your job starts correctly and on time.
• Any components to be supplied by Surface Art Engineering are ordered.
• Stencils are made to allow exact solder placement for surface mount devices.
• PCB Fabrication is ordered (optional).
• Surface mount parts are placed.
• Surface mount parts are soldered in our reflow oven.
• 1st Article Quality Control (QC) inspection takes place.
• Any through hole components are placed and soldered.
• Any press fit components are inserted.
• Special operations for odd shaped components are attached.
• Mechanical operations for odd things like heat sinks, stiffeners, etc. are built and attached.
• Final Quality Control (QC) is verified to the customer’s specifications.
• Any box build items are assembled (optional).
• Pre-shipment documents are gathered and completed.
• Shipment is sent to our customer according to customer instructions.


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