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Post Date : 10-05-15 05:57
What information is needed so that you can quote my PCB Assembly?
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• The general size of the board, the expected number of layers, and the quantity of boards you expect to have assembled and fabricated (if different).
• The type and quantity of each component, in the form of a Bill of Materials (BOM).  Manufacturer’s name and part numbers MUST be included for every line item.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF DELAYED QUOTES.
• An assembly drawing for BOTH the top and bottom side with notes.
• Any electronic data is helpful, but not required (Gerbers, assembly drawings, etc.)
• What general assembly standard shall your boards meet (IPC Class 2 or 3, internal standards, etc.)
• Also, any special requirements that might increase the complexity of the PCB assembly (odd components, parts in cut strips [these must be hand loaded] , who will supply what components for a partial turnkey, etc.)


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