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Post Date : 10-05-15 05:58
What do I need to give you so that you can start my PCB Assembly?
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• A detailed Assembly Drawing (Silk, Mask, Paste Layer) for BOTH top and bottom sides showing the board outline, the location of cutout areas or height-restricted zones and the placement of components.  We prefer .DXF format, but a print will also do.  ALL notes pertinent to assembly should be in the assembly drawings.
• A final Bill of Materials (BOM), listing all components including bypass capacitors, test points, etc.  Manufacturer’s name and part numbers MUST be included for every line item.
• A final solder paste Gerber File for top and bottom sides.
• Centroid data for assembly.
• Purchase Order
• All parts in stock (a complete kit) and/or a list of approved Do Not Install (DNI) list.


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