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Yes.  We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for the manufacture of electronic assemblies by UL DQS, Inc. Management Solutions.  To view our certificate, click here.

We build your product according to customer documentation and to IPC-A-610 – Class II & Class III workmanship standards.

• We are able to provide you with the following engineering services:
• X-Ray for BGA Inspection
• X-Ray for PCB/PCA Defect Analysis
• Power-on, hot/cold Temperature Cycling
• Environmental Chamber and Burn-in Oven
• DFM Analysis and component/assembly defect
• Pb-Free, Sn63/Pb37, and other alloy Soldering Process Development
• Assembly Process Development (Design, Mechanical Assembly, and Cleaning Methods)
• Tsunami Ultrasound Cleaning Machine
• Test Solutions

Yes.  In fact, since 1995, we have specialized in high mix/low volume (HMLV) prototype assemblies; it is through our extensive experience that we have earned a reputation for excellence in quality, flexibility, and service.  Whether you have a few boards that need to be assembled for engineering test, or 10 boards that are for prototype purposes, we have the means and experience to handle your manufacturing needs, large and/or small.

Yes.  In 2001 we moved to a 40,000 Square Foot Facility and invested millions of dollars in Electronic Manufacturing Machines.  In fact, our machine placement maximum per hour is 171,000 components per hour (cph), which is an extremely high component load count.

  • We can handle PCB sizes up to 21.5” x 23.5”.  Our highly specialized Juki SMT Line (used mostly for prototype runs) will accept the most unique sizes and shapes of PCBs.
  • Larger PCB sizes are possible through Hand Assemblies.

• The general size of the board, the expected number of layers, and the quantity of boards you expect to have assembled and fabricated (if different).
• The type and quantity of each component, in the form of a Bill of Materials (BOM).  Manufacturer’s name and part numbers MUST be included for every line item.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF DELAYED QUOTES.
• An assembly drawing for BOTH the top and bottom side with notes.
• Any electronic data is helpful, but not required (Gerbers, assembly drawings, etc.)
• What general assembly standard shall your boards meet (IPC Class 2 or 3, internal standards, etc.)
• Also, any special requirements that might increase the complexity of the PCB assembly (odd components, parts in cut strips [these must be hand loaded] , who will supply what components for a partial turnkey, etc.)

• A detailed Assembly Drawing (Silk, Mask, Paste Layer) for BOTH top and bottom sides showing the board outline, the location of cutout areas or height-restricted zones and the placement of components.  We prefer .DXF format, but a print will also do.  ALL notes pertinent to assembly should be in the assembly drawings.
• A final Bill of Materials (BOM), listing all components including bypass capacitors, test points, etc.  Manufacturer’s name and part numbers MUST be included for every line item.
• A final solder paste Gerber File for top and bottom sides.
• Centroid data for assembly.
• Purchase Order
• All parts in stock (a complete kit) and/or a list of approved Do Not Install (DNI) list.

  • Quotes for fabrication and 100% consignment assemblies will usually take 1 day, while “turnkey” quotes will take 2 to 5 working days (depending on supplier availability of components when quoting partial or full turnkey).
  • If parts have longer lead times or are not available we will notify you on the quotation that we provide.

• A Program Manager is assigned to act as a single source point of contact to the customer.
• We perform a Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis of all your data.  This will verify that the Gerbers, BOM, and centroid data are all correct so your job starts correctly and on time.
• Any components to be supplied by Surface Art Engineering are ordered.
• Stencils are made to allow exact solder placement for surface mount devices.
• PCB Fabrication is ordered (optional).
• Surface mount parts are placed.
• Surface mount parts are soldered in our reflow oven.
• 1st Article Quality Control (QC) inspection takes place.
• Any through hole components are placed and soldered.
• Any press fit components are inserted.
• Special operations for odd shaped components are attached.
• Mechanical operations for odd things like heat sinks, stiffeners, etc. are built and attached.
• Final Quality Control (QC) is verified to the customer’s specifications.
• Any box build items are assembled (optional).
• Pre-shipment documents are gathered and completed.
• Shipment is sent to our customer according to customer instructions.

Once all of the finalized documents and information has been sent to us, you will simply need to be available to answer the program manager’s questions during the course of ordering components and the PCB Assembly.  Rest assured that most questions will be at the beginning of the order and will reside around issues on the BOM.

We can provide complete “turnkey” services for your project from PCB Assembly, through fabrication and assembly.  We work with several Fab Houses that are geared for various types and sizes of projects, in order to match your needs with the most appropriate supplier.

• We are completely flexible with our shipping methods, as we follow the customer’s instructions to our best ability.
• Standard shipping method is FOB Factory.
• Within the local area (of within 30 mile radius) we will deliver the completed product with our company trucks FREE of charge.

Yes.  We can provide references upon request.

As a part of the post-manufacturing analysis, we can provide a DFM report after the build is complete.

Discover the
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Discover the benefits we can  offer you today!



Zoltan Says

“I have been a satisfied customer of Surface Art for 25 years, including 12 years as engineering manager of C-Cube Semiconductor, LSI Logic and Marvell Semiconductor in California,and 13 years holding similar positions in Sydney, Australia. Surface Art have been my go-to PCB assembler, turn-key manufacturer, and rework service provider when the project required quality, short turn-around time, and reliable customer service. I have been impressed by the value Surface Art have been able to deliver consistently, in the face of competition from China: several RFQ’s we conducted over the last decade confirmed that when pricing, quality, speed, and service were all put together, Surface Art have remained a strong contender, and there was no reason for us to look elsewhere.

I have always appreciated the prompt, effective, clear communication we were able to have with Surface Art, and the large number of projects they completed without any mistakes at all. Over the last 25 years, I cannot recall a single incident of a major mistake or production defect that had an impact on our project execution.

Surface Art have often impressed me with their rework capabilities. They have removed, decapped, repopulated many chips in delicate situations without damaging the parts,and completed many challenging board-level reworks for us.”


• Principal Electronics Engineer / Aerial Imaging Technology Company

Ann Says

“I have worked with Surface Art for over 20 years.During that time we have relied on SAE for high quality, on time delivery and great customer service.We have always received the best of all three.
Although there are too many examples of how they have done an outstanding job, to list here I can say they have never missed a shipment nor had a quality issue that impacted any of our clients.
I would recommend SAE to any and all potential clients who value a high level contract manufacturer. They are best in class.”


• President / SEMS

Cindy Says

“Working with Surface Art over the past 15 years has been a wonderful experience. They help me to keep on track with my project timelines because I can tell them what lead time I want rather than being told they need 3-4 weeks to complete. Every product I have received has met my quality requirements and I have never had to return anything for re-work. Working with them takes the stress off of me knowing that I will get what I asked for when I asked for it. I have yet to find another manufacturer that can meet my expectations for quality assemblies in a short lead time.”


• Sr. Technical Sourcing Specialist / Medical Device Company

Jessica Says

Thanks so much, SAE, for 100% on-time delivery.The most valuable traits that I appreciate the most are trust and communication. There were times we did not provide correct information; SAE still works its best to help us.


• Director of Manufacturing & Supply Chain / IOT company

George Says

“Surface Art has been vital in providing us with quality PCBs and excellent customer service. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to choosing Surface Art for any PCB work for a project, because I know they’ll get it done, provide feedback, and give competitive pricing, all within a few email exchanges. I can rely on Surface Art to provide working goods at any quantity.

Surface Art’s dependability and ease-of-communication are the most valuable traits I appreciate. Having been a customer of Surface Art for over 4-years, we’ve been able to streamline full and partial turn-key assemblies knowing that the quality of work we end up with is reliable and issue-free.”


• Electrical Engineer/ Research & Development for Government Sponsored Programs

Jeffrey Says

“Our company works with SAE for the past 5 years on the PCBA prototyping. We can always count on them for the reliable fabrication so we can focus on de-bugging and modify our circuit design. They are very responsive to our many last minute demands and very supportive to match our needs. As a startup company, having partners that can quickly response to its needs is critical. I am very happy working with SAE and will continue to do so.”


• CEO & Co-founder / Power Transmission Company

Won Says

“Always can count on promised delivery date so our schedule can be met.As a longtime customer, I am probably taking many things SAE does as granted because SAE delivers. It’s always a pleasure to work with SAE. Happy to see same employees year after year too.On time delivery, excellent quality and superior customer service. Great communications.”


• Eng Support / Semiconductor Company

Juan Says

“Surface Art Engineering has always been there for any new production introductions we have done and or picking up where another provider fell short. There is no challenge that we have encountered, that SAE has not solved. During this troubled time of parts and long lead times, SAE has helped provide options across their network!They are great and thorough at NPI, and then can even support your post beta launches.”


• CEO /Founder / IOT Company

Andy Says

“Even if a PCB is destined for production in Asia, having a local CM in the Silicon Valley is imperative.
For about twenty years now – and across three different employers – I have turned to Surface Art to build early development versions of every sort of board, from multi-kilovolt designs to multi-gigabit per second boards. They are responsive, they maintain their quality, and they follow through on their commitments.”


• Principal Electrical Engineer / Medical Device Company

Derik Says

“Surface Art Engineering has been a reliable source for our engineering boards for many years.
Each assigned program manager stays on top of the PCB build every step of the way from quote to delivery.
Angela Choi, our program manager, has often gone beyond her area of responsibility to make sure the design is built correctly and the assembly is delivered on-time. Fast turn, competitive pricing, responsiveness and excellent communication are what Surface Engineering is well known for, and I am glad SAE is part of ATE development team.”


• Sr. Hardware Design Engineer/ Enterprise Computing Company

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